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Pilates Alongamentos

Clinical Pilates is a technique that aims to develop balance and body harmony, with the aim of assisting in the rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

It is based on 6 basic principles: concentration, centering, precision, breathing, control and fluidity.


- Prevent and re-educate body biomechanics;

- Develop balance and harmony in posture and execution of movements;

- Re-educate the spinal stabilizing muscles;

- Relief of musculoskeletal pain;

- Correct posture;

- Decrease stress;

- Improve general well-being.


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Age Range:

It can be practiced at all ages, and aimed at anyone who wants to find muscle and functional balance. Since these classes are more suitable for those with postural changes, spine problems and balance / coordination.

Duration and Hours:

A weekly class of 60 minutes (to be defined day and time).


€ 25 / month

Liliana Campos

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