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Arts Group Lessons




- Provide knowledge necessary for a professional career;

- Monitor the evolution of the photographic world;

- To be able to evaluate the best creative and technical conditions;

- Know how to control the lighting of the scene;

- Ability to process images digitally.  

Age Range:

+ 15 years

Duration and Hours:

To be defined


On request


Teacher: Vânia Viana

Vânia Viana also known as V23: 32V. He was born on February 13, 1991 in Viseu but lives in Santa Comba Dão.

Fascinated by the world of the arts since she first met, the area of photography, painting, music, dance, fashion, styling and “performing art” that most captivate her and give wings to creativity.

Wanting to learn professional photography he started his course in 2011 at the Portuguese Institute of Photography in Porto and concluded in 2013.
In terms of photography, his work is diverse, but he has a greater focus on fashion, portrait, editorial, documentary and self-portrait photography. He has been exhibiting since 2013 in several group exhibitions, namely "Sementeira", "Jardins Efémeros", National Museum Grão Vasco, Carmo 81, Fujifilm International Photography Festival of Viseu, however in 2019 at the invitation of the ACERT gallery he had in October of same year, his first solo exhibition.

Vânia Vieira's portfolio

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